About Us


We are fully committed to improving our rating on an ongoing basis
We strive to improve skills development, ownership and management expansion.
We promote opportunities to previously disadvantaged employees through upliftment programmes
Our total employment equity status as at the last verification report
Our procurement policies are in line with verification requirements

Our Employees

Our policy is to encourage employee interest in share ownership
We promote active shareholder role participation in the business
We take pride in our excellent reputation for long-term staff retention which complements our business sustainability
We offer regular technical and management training programmes for continuous education and performance development


At Black OPS Security Solutions (Pty) Ltd we place a strong emphasis on Safety, Health, the Environment and Quality (SHEQ). Over the years we have developed our SHEQ practices to keep in line with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 85 of 1993 and all applicable South African Legislation or Regulations.

In order to meet our Client requirements regarding camera or infrastructure positioning, particularly at Heights in excess of 1.8 meters, all of our Technicians have been trained and declared fully competent in the use of equipment designed to prevent or limit a fall from height or to operate mobile equipment designed to not only provide a stable elevated position from which to conduct work, but to do so with minimal Risk of falling.

Part of our efforts to reduce Health related incidents or accidents particularly at Height, is the conducting of regular Medical screening, ensuring that our Technicians are declared medically fit for work. We are proud to state that we have a 100% fitness rate amongst our Staff which contributes to our ability as a Team to deliver a quality service free of incidents or accidents relating to poor health.

Other physical aspects that may affect a Technician’s Health or Safety, or that of other persons, whilst working on a Site also need to be managed in order to prevent injury. For this purpose each Technician is equipped with Personal Protective Equipment designed to minimize the impact that their operations or those taking place on a Site may have on them. This includes, but is not limited to: Specialized eye, head, hand, foot and ear protection and Safe Work Procedures or Policies designed to minimize the effect of potential danger during operations.

As a provider of installation and maintenance services for our clients’ equipment the potential also exists for our operations to affect the Environment. This may be due to material handling, drilling or other mechanized activities which may result in excess debris. All of our teams are equipped to deal with any waste generated by their activities in a safe and efficient manner which leaves the work Site clean and the Environment free of any negative impact. This dedication to the environment and Waste Management is backed up by a Support Team at each office who ensures that excess materials, waste or debris is sorted and removed to facilities specializing in appropriate methods of waste management.

These are just some of the ways in which Black OPS Security Solutions (Pty) Ltd is able to deliver a service which leaves our Clients feeling more secure and their Sites, Staff and surrounding Environment positively affected by our activities.